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Our Purpose

Our Mission

Jesus Christ  shed his blood on the cross to save us from sin, and by his precious blood he washed our sin forever and resurrected. Although Jesus didn’t write a single book while he stayed on Earth, the Lord spread the gospel and taught and raised disciples. After the death of Jesus, the gospel spread through the twelve apostles that the Lord had taught and raised. The apostles, who became the servants and witnesses of the Lord of resurrection, have boldly witnessed the gospel that by the death and resurrection of Christ, we were forgiven from sin and made righteous. Most of the apostles, as well as the post apostolic fathers, such as Polycarp and Ignatius, suffered martyrdom as they preached the gospel according to the records of Christian historians.

Nevertheless, the gospel spread strongly beyond the great wave of persecution, and wherever the gospel went, there were always slander, confrontation and persecution. There has been a great sacrifice and effort from the Church that loved the gospel for us to receive this gospel. Judaism persecuted the gospel that began to spread in Jerusalem through Jesus Christ, even as it was being persecuted by the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire, which was the center of the world, was conquered by the love of Christ, and finally the Roman Empire officially recognized Christianity.

However, as the persecution disappeared, the Church started falling away from Jesus, whom they worshipped during hardship, and began corrupting themselves with the world. During the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church dumbed down the people through false doctrine, and they were able to have great authority and organization by focusing on maintaining and expanding the Roman Catholic Church’s authority. They also committed great evil such as selling indulgences, passing religious judgments, hunting and executing witches, etc. Even amongst all of that evil, true servants of God such as Peter Waldo in the 1200s, John Wycliffe of England in the 1300s, Yarn Hous of Bohemia in the 1400s, Martin Luther of Germany and Tsbingley of Switzerland in the 1500s, John Bunyan of England in the 1600s, the Moravian in the 1700s, who influenced the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, and in the 1800s, true servants of God, D.L. Moody and Charles Surgeon have rebuked the corruption of the Church and boldly spread the truth that it is not by works of the law but by the faith of God’s grace and the gospel that Jesus had made us righteous.

The false churches continuously persecuted the Christians who were witnessing the true gospel so as to maintain their authority. The Church that should value every life and each soul interrogated innocent people through religious judgment and caused many Christians to suffer. Wherever the gospel went at any time, persecution followed. Polycarp, the disciple of the Apostle John, and John Hous of Bohemia in the 1400s were both burned at stake. Wycliffe of England, who was called the ‘morning star of reformation,’ died while preaching the gospel. The Medieval Church condemned him as heretic and removed his buried bones and burned them. This tragic history is being forgotten by many nowadays.

Even now, many churches are falling away from the truth of the gospel and are being corrupted. Many worldly things are getting into the Church. The believers are filled with evil, and their souls are sick.

Many people are under sin, and they are burdened by the works of the law, but the church cannot save their souls. The adulteress woman was condemned by the Pharisees when she was before Jesus, but Jesus saved her and filled her heart with endless thanks, which was previously full of only shame and fear. The problem with most Christians going to church but not being freed from sin is the responsibility of most ministers. They were taught under humanist theologians, who neglect the Bible, and they became ministers. These ministers do not teach the Bible correctly.

Jesus Christ has already forgiven our sins forever on the cross, and the truth that Jesus made us righteous is recorded in the Bible. Nevertheless, there are many people who are not free from sin. This church is not able to save the people from sin, and they are flow towards materialism and maintaining their authority. This has led to churches breaking apart, and it has become common for people to condemn others as heretic whenever they differ from them. They do not have Biblical standards and are having the witch-hunt of condemning others as heretics.

That is why the Good News Mission, led by Pastor Ock Soo Park, has established the CLF because they felt the need for true reformation and spiritual renovation and for the ministers all over the world to realize the truth and grace of redemption of Christ. Then, we hope for those ministers to testify this true Gospel to the ends of the world.

The CLF will testify the Gospel until ministers all over the world will overcome the walls of denominations and religious bodies and be united in the spirituality of the authentic gospel, until Jesus returns. We appreciate the fact that more ministers are joining CLF every year, and any minister with the will of spreading the true Gospel based on the Bible that our sins have been forgiven by Jesus Christ is welcome to join. I hope all ministers will be together with us in this precious blessing of God, while boldly preaching the true Gospel.

President of Christian Leaders Fellowship

Reverend Yeong kook Park

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