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[Spain] Becoming One through the Christian Leaders Fellowship

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

From the 11th to the 12th of October, Pastor Pablo Shin of Good News Mexico City Church was invited to be the guest speaker for the Christian Leaders Fellowship. In preparation for this CLF, many leading Chrsitian organizations such as the Spanish Christian Association (Farede), the ‘Soceidad Biblica’, the Spanish TBN Network and other media network such as the ‘Actualidad Evangelica’ opened their doors to bring Christian Leaders from all around Spain together.

Before the CLF meeting that took place on the 11th – 12th October, guest speaker Pablo shin had the opportunity to go on air on the biggest Christian channel in Spain, TBN España to preach the word for 2 hours on the 10th October at 8pm.

When the CLF took place at the Mayorazgo Hotel Conference Hall, which is based at the centre of Madrid, Pastor Pablo Shin began to speak about the ‘Tabernacle of the Old Testament and the Modern Times’. Over 60 Christian Leaders gathered to open their Bibles together and became one as they dived deep into the heart of Jesus through the study of the tabernacle, regardless of their denomination and doctrine.

Guest Speaker, Pablo Shin used 6 sessions to speak about the historical instruments of the tabernacle and explained about the Sin Offering which were all shadows of good things to come. He delivered the message on the Jesus Christ, who willingly gave his body and blood in order to redeem all of humanity.

The President of the Madrid Evangelical Association, Pastor Serresso praised the CLF saying, ‘I applaud your efforts to deliver a conference on the theme of the tabernacle. This was a topic that I had often encountered 30 years ago in my church but is difficult to find in recent times despite its importance.

“We, from the Biblical Society, welcome such events as this. Especially, the topic of the tabernacle that was explored at this time is an essential one, and it was impressive how the tabernacle in the history of Israel was able to relate to the Christians lives in this day and age. I definitely would like to recommend this to other pastors and Christian leaders from my city” (Pastor Gonzalo Soriano Arisa, Co-ordinator of the Biblical Society in Spain)

Like this, we see that God is leading Spain step-by-step through the gospel. Just like the Spanish Armada ruled the world, the promise of the gospel being spread from Spain is taking its shape, one Christian Leader at a time.

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