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[Portugal] The Long-Awaited CLF lands in Iberia

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

After the Christian Leaders Fellowship (hereafter CLF) came to an end in the first week of October at Madrid, from the 14th October, the CLF began in Portugal began with the guest speaker, Pastor Pablo Shin from Mexico.

40 new Christian leaders and ministers participated in the first session. Between the 14th-15th October, there were in total 6 separate session, under the theme of the ‘The Tabernacle of the Old Testament and Now’. Every day, apart from the coffee break and lunch, the participants had the opportunity to listen to the word for over 6 hours every day. Every lectured preceded by a performance by the gospel group ALBA (meaning the first light in the morning in Latin), which prepared the hearts of the participants to listen to the lectures. Although each session would last from 1.30 hours to 2 hours, each member demonstrated at utmost concentration and interest, often amazed by the depth and the precision of the sermons that they were hearing.

As the sessions went past, there was no other explanation but the power of the true gospel to give us, that could explain the bright smiles and the happy expressions that were held by every single participant. In the first session, many of the participants felt very awkward and did not know what to do, but, by the end, they had written so much on their notepads, that they began to ask for more paper. Their efforts in trying not to miss out on a single part of what the pastor delivered was a beautiful sight. By the end of the 3 sessions on the first day, the participants left with the heart of disappointment that the day that already come to an end but also with a heart full of excitement for the following day.

On the second day of the CLF, 43 Christian Leaders and Ministers came with hearts full of wonder at the amazing and eye-opening lectures from the day before. Although there were people on the first day who said that they could only join the CLF for that day, they found themselves being sat there on the second day as well, which showed that it was the Word of God that led their hearts. Pastor Pablo Shin began from the outside of the tabernacle and entered the door on the first day, but in the second one, they had come into the tabernacle to study the altar, bronze laver and the Most Holy Place. As they got closer to the Table of Shewbread, the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat, they were able to come closer into the deep heart of God. When the guest speaker asked all that were justified to raise their hands, all the participants shouted, ‘Amen!’ and shot their hands up.

Portugal used to be a powerful country but in recent times, the nation has been struggling with economic crises and many social problems. On top of that many of the people’s hearts have become insecure and weak. God has given the Christian Leaders Fellowship to give us the hope of raising this great country once again through the power of the Gospel.

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