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[Portugal] The Gospel at the End of the Earth

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

On the 26th of June, the Good News Mission Portugal Church hosted the Christian Leaders Fellowship in association with the Portugal Christian Union. Pastor Hong Ryul Ryu read from Genesis 21:1-2 and said, “Faith is not believing in the circumstances but believing in the word of God that is recorded in the Bible. According to the promise of God, he gave Sarah a child and in the same way, in Daniel 9:24, it states that when the Lord comes, he will make reconciliation for iniquity. God succeeded in accomplishing this also.”

After the sermon, many of the Pastors had the opportunity to have fellowship with Pastor Hong Ryul Ryu and were able have serious discussions about the Bible.

“We will always wait with open hearts. We will welcome you to Portugal at any time.”

(Pastor Samuel, President of the Christian Union)

“I personally love the Word of God. I loved the testimony of Pastor and his sermon. It is so great to hear him say that it is the true gospel that can change people. Thank you for coming to Portugal with such Words.” (Pasto Fabianu, President of the Biblical Society in Portugal)

This was an opportunity for the Christian Leaders in Portugal to come together and focus on the true centre of spiritual life – the word of God. This was a chance for those Ministers to gather their hearts and think about the spreading the Gospel as one.

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