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[Portugal] Second Christian Leaders Fellowship in Portugal

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

On the 19th of January at the MEDAL Church the 2nd CLF in Portugal was held. There were 20 pastors and 20 common church members in attendance as they shared the word.

Pastor Hongryul Ryu spoked about the words in Mark 11 about how an unclean animal like the donkey was able to boldly enter Jerusalem with Jesus on his back and likewise us weak human beings can also become perfect and righteous when we become one with God. Those who have had continual interaction with CLF were able to open their hearts towards the Gospel and draw nearer to it and church leaders and pastors who attended CLF for the first time were surprised at the depth of the word that was being preached by the Good News Mission.

Pastor of MEDAL church Pastor Raphael attended the CLF held in Germany in September and as he heard the Gospel being preached, he was astonished at its depth and wished to sign an MOU agreement and continue to work together with the Good News Mission. He rented us his chapel for the CLF and he prepared everything so that all his congregation could come and listen to the Gospel from Pastor Ryu on Sunday.

‘The depth of the word being preached in Good News Mission is incredible. I hope that you will return again.’ – Pastor Raphael

Meeting with Pastor Antonio Calaim – President of the Portuguese Christian Union

On the following day there was a meeting between Mr. Antonio Calaim who is the President of the Portuguese Christian Union and Pastor Hongryul Ryu. Mr. Calaim previously had a meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park in 2018.

God opened ways to continually meet more church leaders and maintain a relationship with them. Pastor Calaim was greatly interested in the work of the Good News Mission and discussed how the Portuguese Christian Union and Good News Mission could cooperate and work together.

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