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[Germany] Interdenominational Representatives Meet with Pastor Ock Soo Park

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

During the 2019 Christian Leader’s Fellowship Pastor Ock Soo Park held a meeting with denomination representatives from different countries.

Present was Pinter Imre, (Hungary – Pentecostal Denomination Vice Chair and Chairman of Mission Work) Rauno Kokkola, (Finland – Founder of Great Helsinki Parish Union) Anatoliy Elenkov, (Bulgaria – Chairman of Church of God) Ruschukliyan Yulika (Bulgaria) and Pastor Jacob (Germany).

On this day Pastor Park spoke about preaching to over one hundred thousand people at the Uganda Mandela Stadium on the 31st of December, about how the whole of the Methodist Church in Fiji is now a part of CLF, spreading the Gospel through television broadcast such as El Shaddai in Ethiopia and TBN in Russia, how CLF which begun in 2017 reached and saved more than one hundred thousand people in two years, and the plans to train ten thousand people each year in Springfield America. Through such events he talked about how God is continuing to work.

The representatives of different denominations were surprised at how God was working through CLF and as they agreed with the plans of God towards Europe they began to have hope.

Pastor Park stated that he will support all aspects necessary for the work of the Gospel including receiving theological training in Springfield, holding Bible Conferences, Bible Seminars, and supplying books.

Afterwards he shared the word in Romans 4:18 ‘who against hope believed in hope.’ Through the word although Abraham was old in age and knew that Sarah’s womb was dead, but he believed in the promise that God will give him a son. Lazarus was dead but Jesus said he was sleeping, and Pastor Park talked about how in this way the thought of man was always different from the word of God, therefore true faith is believing in the word.

He witnessed the eternal redemption that Jesus accomplished through the words in Hebrews chapter 9 and 10.

“We don’t accept the word when it matches our thoughts, but we accept it when it doesn’t. What does the word say? The sin in our hearts are washed through faith. Can you say Amen?”

The faces of those who were present in the meeting continued to grow brighter as they heard the Gospel and they continued to express their joy by replying to Pastor Park with Amen.

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