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‘The Most Powerful Sermon since Martin Luther’s Reformation’ CLF Europe Online 2020

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

“God has washed us of our sins once for all. Glory to God, Hallelujah!” Pastor Kalin, Senior Pastor of Church of Zion in Bulgaria.

On 24th-25th April, ‘CLF Europe Online 2020’ was held across the European continent. This meeting was attended by many Pastors from across Europe and Pastor Ock Soo Park. There were 25 Denomination leaders as well as 200 Christian Leaders across the whole of Europe.

Because of the CLF that was due to take place in early April was cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it was quickly decided that the CLF would be moved to New York on 16th – 21st March. However, there was an announcement that the American borders would be shut from the 12th March. Afterwards, the European borders were shut and eventually people were unable even come out of their houses.

It is during these difficult times that the President of CLF Europe, Pastor Youngshin Oh received a certain heart from God.

‘I was able to see God who was opening the way in the wilderness throughout this year. I think that although all the schedules have been cancelled, God is leading us online. We should still host the CLF but online.’

He wanted the experience God who made all thing work together for good.

Christian Summit with founder of CLF, Pastor Ock Soo Park

The gathering finally began on the 24th April at 9am. It was attended by not only denomination leaders from across Europe but Africa, India, etc. Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered the message of the Gospel, giving the testimony of the late former President John Atta Mills, who received salvation after hearing the Gospel. He had been afraid of death because of the problem of sin but was able to receive the Gospel into his heart.

Pastor Ock Soo Park declared, “God has taken away, not only your sins past but the sins of the present and the future. Now stand before God with the heart that you are righteous.”

During the 2nd Session, Pastor Park preached about the eternal redemption with the number of total participants up to 1500 people. Pastor Ock Soo Park did not give a vague description of how they should receive salvation but how the Sin Offering in the Old Testament was the shadow of the work that Jesus would do on this earth. All the participants, although muted, could be seen agreeing through their choruses of ‘Amen’.

Denomination Leader Testimonies

“Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the true Gospel. Jesus became the eternal sacrifice and by his blood I have been perfected forever. I have been washed by the blood of Jesus and by this I have been made righteous. This is the true Gospel, and I am so glad to have heard it again today” – Pastor Frank Ahlmann Kristensen / Leader of Wellspring Church Center, Denmark

“I thank Pastor Ock Soo Park who preached about the righteousness of God so powerfully. He spoke about the woman caught in the act of adultery and that word really resounded in my heart. Although she was a sinner, when she met Jesus, she was able to become free from sin and live a new life. In the same way that Jesus worked in this woman’s life, God has also given me a new life. – Pastor Oleg Pronin / Leader of Estonian Full Gospel Church

“Thank you for inviting me to this conference. I felt that Pastor Ock Soo Park was preaching the word with all his heart. The examples that he gave were so great. The salvation and redemption that Pastor spoke about is so important and this word needs to be preached to every church in the world and everyone needs to hear this word. The world needs this word. This Gospel needs to be preached to every single person in the world. I need to record my Sunday sermon for my church and I want to use the examples that Pastor gave us.” – Pastor Tateos Nigohosiyan / Leader of the Bulgarian Pentecostal Church, Bulgaria

“Both sessions were so biblical, and it was the precise gospel. I am so happy to have been able to participate and the testimony that he gave about the late Ghanaian President was a blessing for me. I am so excited to hear more.” – Pastor Csaba / Leader of Christ for All Nations, Hungary

“Pastor Ock Soo Park’s sermon was so precise and clear. This is a word that we truly need, especially in Germany where the idea of God’s righteousness is fading. I was really able to listen well through the translation option! I am looking forward to hearing more. – Pastor Andreas Christoph / Living Grace Church, Germany

“The CLF Europe Online was a great blessing for me in many ways. I was able to learn how to preach the Gospel effectively. The many teachings of Pastor Ock Soo Park had a big impact on my ministry. I was able to see how the Word of God was alive through the real-life testimonies that he gave. I thank you for organizing this event and I would like to thank Pastor Park who preached the Gospel for us.” – Pastor Bernard Sallah / Christian Action Faith, UK

“I listened to the word in both sessions. They were so in depth yet so simple and precise. I will continue to listen.” – Pastor Jaime / Leader of Spanish Charismatic Pentecostal Church (30 churches)

“As I was listening to the Word of Pastor Ock Soo Park, I was able to accept that I was righteous. We all need to accept this with faith. We need to accept the redemption of Jesus and that he has washed away our sins forever, once for all. Not only the sins of the past and the present but also the fuutre. I am so thankful. I give glory to God. Hallelujah! – Pastor Kalin Chepelev /Leader of 35 branches of Church ‘Zion’

Gospel Class with Pastor Pablo Shin of Mexico

While the Christian Summit was taking place, Pastor Pablo Shin spoke to the remaining Christian Leaders about the reason why God gave us the law saying, “We must not try to keep the law, but we must discover that we are sinners and stand before God. No matter how great our flaws may be, if I am in the faith of believing in Jesus Christ, then I am sanctified and perfect before God.”

From 2pm, the Seminar Blocks were led by the denomination leaders who spoke about various topics. In total, there were 11 different languages and therefore 11 different classes. It was an opportunity to listen to the word of God regardless of the where they were from.

The Evening CLF

During the CLF session that took place in the evening, the participants heard the testimony of Missionary John Choi who was able to defeat the poison of the scorpion through the word. The participants marveled at the power of God who worked in the life of this missionary.

During the second session. President of CLF Europe, Pastor Youngshin Oh spoke of how he first began to the Christmas Miracle tour in Europe and how he was able to discuss holding a youth camp for the Kosovan and Albanian youth. Pastor Willy, who was listening to this testimony was able to give an introduction about the country of Albania and was hopeful for the Gospel being preached in Albania.

Although we could not meet face to face, the Holy Spirit was present in every aspect of this gathering. The Pastors who were denomination leaders participated in the event, listening to the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park with a sincere heart and they also had the opportunity to share their testimonies. Because of the fact that everything was done online, God allowed the opportunity for many pastors to attend to listen to the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park.

What a wonderful time it was to gather together in harmony.

More Testimonies from Participants

“I am the Director of the broadcasting station that only broadcasts the sermons that are biblical. Pastor’s message is amazing! What is his name? Could I receive a recording of the sermon?” -Willi Rhein /Director of Das Wort Gottes Radio

“I was able to know that I must return to Jesus and that Jesus achieved eternal redemption. I no longer need the remission of my sins.” – Pastor Jane /France

“I was able to understand the words in Leviticus and Hebrews in more depth, so it was great. I was able to realize the link between the laying of hands of the sin offering and the laying of hands of John the Baptist on Jesus. Although John did not want to, Jesus allowed his to do the laying of hands on him. Then, the sins of the world is passed over to Jesus. He dies on the cross with the sins of the world and achieved the eternal redemption by entering the temple in heaven. The word was so amazing, and I believe many other people would have also been able to have this deep realization.” – Pastor David Jenkins / Finnish Lutheran Church in English Mission, Finland

“I would like to say thank you to missionary Jan who invited me to this conference. Through the video conference, I was so blessed. I would like to thank the interpreter who worked hard to make sure we would be able to understand the word. I was very touched by the explanation of Pastor who spoke about the connection of the laying of hands in the old testament and the laying of hands in the new testament. I thank you for your hard work. I am so thankful that we could have this session via Youtube. I was able to share this word with many of my friends. I can’t wait to participate in May as well. – Pastor Alan Peralta / World International Ministries Israel Church, Israel

“The Word was so amazing. His sermon was so simple and said that this was the very fundamentals of spiritual life. The way that he preached about the Old Testament and used it to explain about Jesus was so great and clear. I thank you. – Pastor Geatano Priolo Katania / Sabaoth Katania Church, Italy

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