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CLF Online Continues as God Opens the way in Northern Europe and in the Iberian Peninsula!

Online CLF in Norther Europe and 3 Baltic Nations

On the 4th of May with local pastors from Northern Europe there was another Online CLF. Pastors from Denmark and Finland and pastors from 3 Baltic nations Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania and Poland Participated in this Online CLF. In total there were 15 local pastors who came online and shared their feedback about Online CLF.

The meeting began as pastors sang hymns together and pastor Kim from Finland thanked everyone for participating in this meeting although it took place on a Monday morning. He spoke about how so many European Christian leaders appreciated the words that was preached in the past online CLF and he explained that the reason why they have gathered was to share ideas on how to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ together here in Europe.

And during the feedback session 4 local pastors shared their testimonies.

Pastor Ollech / Estonian Fullgospel Church

“I truly feel that the CLF meeting was a gift given to us by God. This meeting is truly needed here in Europe and especially here in Estonia. Many people have yet to receive Salvation and seeing leaders from different churches gathered together like this is great to see. Although I have not met many of you the fact that we can share fellowship, unite our hearts, and work together feels like we are harvesting the seed that was planted in our hearts.”

Pastor Kinmong / Calvary Mission Church (Denmark)

“Pastor Park told us about how Jesus paid the wages of our sins and said that his redemption was eternal therefore now we can become God’s children. This is the true Gospel and I want to share this Gospel that I’ve heard from pastor with everyone. When we preach in churches, we tell people to live a godly life but even us sometimes struggle to live a godly life. Therefore, I would like to preach the word of the Gospel to all missions. I want to listen to this word again.”

Pastor Andis / Dundaga Baptist Church (Latvia)

“It is important that pastors preach well but it is also very important to listen well to the sermon. Pastor Park preached to us about righteousness and his message was very clear and our foundation have now become clear too. I realised once again that what the word and the Gospel is trying to say to us is what is most important.”

Pastor Kult / Assembly of God Church (Albania)

“I am grateful for the Gospel that was preached in the past CLF. The sermon regarding freedom and salvation gave me lots of blessings. Often, we waste our time focusing on what is not important, but pastor Park taught us where we should focus in the Bible. This was what I wanted to do in Albania. Only the Gospel and the Holy Spirit can freely change and save people. This meeting was truly a great blessing to me.”

After the testimonies of the participating local pastors, president of CLF Europe Pastor Youngshin Oh began preaching by speaking about how the Online CLF came to be organised.

“Europe has changed since the days when Apostle Paul preached the gospel here. It is difficult to find young people in many churches and often many churches have only old people left. Many churches in Europe are declining, and I feel like Europe has become a tough place for this gospel. But I thought once again what does God think about Europe? During the time of the first church on the day of the Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down and as Peter preached thousands of people received Salvation and the church received power. They gathered every day to pray together and spent joyful times. However, the will of God was for this gospel to spread all over the world, but the Jews remained in Israel therefore God had to change their circumstances so that the gospel can travel to Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Likewise, even today it feels like God is using this Coronavirus so that we preach this gospel through such online platforms. Therefore, let us preach this gospel together!”

Especially Pastor Andrei who is the Christian Leader in Latvia spoke about how the righteousness of God was firmly established in his heart after hearing about Philip who went out to the wilderness to preach the Gospel following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, the local pastors from all these different countries expressed hope of working together to preach this Gospel. As the gates to the Gospel opened online, we could see the work of the Gospel happening much more greatly than ever before.

CLF in Spain and Portugal

The flow of the Holy Spirit did not stop in Northern Europe but also covered the Iberian Peninsula. 15 local pastors attended the Online CLF from Spain and Portugal on the 4th of May at 11am. Most of the local pastors expressed their gratitude for the previous Online CLF and spoke about how much they enjoyed the word of the eternal redemption.

For the Iberian Peninsula CLF, Pastor Ryu from Good News Jeonju Church preached the Gospel once again through Romans 4:25 and Romans 5:1. And afterwards Pastor Youngshin Oh said that we should not dwell simply in Jerusalem but unite our hearts to do the work of the Gospel together, stating examples in the book of Acts.

Testimonies of Participants

Pastor Da Silva / Pentecostal de Graça Adonai Church (Portugal)

“I thank the founder of Good News Mission Pastor Ock Soo Park for preaching to us about the eternal redemption. Pastor began by speaking about Israel’s exit from Egypt and how the ten commandments came down from Mount Sinai and on that day over 3000 people died as they worshipped idols. Then, he concluded his sermon by speaking about the book of Hebrews and the perfect sacrifice and eternal redemption that Jesus Christ has achieved for all of us. It was such a precious and beneficial time. And I want to thank the pastor who supplied us with his pure words of how everything has been done through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.”

Pastor Vargas / Senior Pastor of International Vineyard Church

“I participated in the Online CLF and shared my testimony with the pastors through this meeting as well. Out of the many sermons the preaching of Pastor Youngshin Oh about the book of Acts chapter 8 made me really think. There were great miracles of the Gospel in the city of Samaria, but the holy spirit led Philip to the wilderness. Philip obeyed the guidance of the holy spirit and travelled the path into the wilderness, and he had an amazing meeting there. And throughout the meeting Philip did not speak of anything else but only preached the true Gospel. It was a sermon that gave me great inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic which can be compared to the wilderness and it was a precious opportunity for me to think about the Gospel once again. If CLF is to happen again then I would like to definitely attend once again. Thank you.”

Pastor Sandra Hernandez / Light of the World Church Barcelona (Spain)

“Sadly, I was unable to participate in all of the CLF programs, however the ones I did participate in were wonderful. During these times of trouble, I found an opportunity to share the word with the Good News Mission and was able to hear really great sermons. The sermon which was preached in each session was really good and leaders of the churches gathered together to listen as we projected the video on a screen. I thank you once again and I hope to have such great opportunities again soon. I want to continue to maintain our relationship with the Good News Mission.”

After the meeting was over participants expressed their wish to participate in the monthly CLF meeting at the end of May. For the past week the missionaries in Europe continued to have online CLF meetings and as they saw how God worked increasingly with each step, they took they were overwhelmed. CLF Europe is organising a monthly meeting from this month. We give glory to God who has opened the way from Northern Europe all the way to the Iberian Peninsula.

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