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CLF Europe Online Continues – Gospels Continues to Spread to Germany and Eastern Europe

CLF Online Comes to You

Online CLF took place once again on the 30th of April and the 2nd of May with pastors from Germany, Romania and Bulgaria who attended the Online CLF conferences with Pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastors gave comments and had fellowship with other participating pastors. This past Online CLF served as a precious time to many of the pastors. The passion towards the Gospel which has been stagnating due to Liberal Theology here in Europe was rekindled through the message preached during the Online CLF.

CLF Online in Germany

Thursday morning on the 30th of April the missionaries in Europe gathered with local pastors to speak about the past CLF Online conference. The local pastors in Germany asked why did you not share this gospel with us until now? And decided to have regular meetings.

“I was often told during fellowships in our German churches that we should not sin and try to live a good life. But I realised that the word of Jesus was different from these teachings. Just like how Jesus gave the woman a new heart by saying ‘Go and sin no more’ I believe that this is the message that Pastor Park wants to deliver to us. A righteous man should stand before the word of God not our own actions. I believe that we need a practical strategy to preach such a Gospel. This message must be preached to all churches in Germany.” (Germany / Pastor Andreas Christoph – Living Grace Church)

“When Pastor Ock Soo Park preaches, he does not care about denominations and simply preaches the message of Jesus. Many people read Romans 3:23 which says that ‘all have sinned’ but they do not move on to read verse 24. Although I read the Bible, I have never connected verse 23 with verse 24. What Pastor preached to us was really good and I was able to receive it well. The story which I liked best was the meeting he had with the former president of my country, Ghana. Pastor Park told our former president ‘Jesus has paid all the wages of our sins and we are now inside of Jesus’ 4 hours prior to his death. We must preach this to other people!” (Germany / Pastor Kawado Joseph – Ghana Church Frankfurt)

CLF Online in Romania

Saturday morning on the 2nd of May, missionary Kang Jungkil invited 11 local pastors and had a meeting with missionary Youngshin Oh of Germany. The participants first listened to the hymns prepared by the Romanian church and gave feedback about the past conference. After hearing the feedback from pastors the president of CLF Europe pastor Youngshin Oh said that we must preach this Gospel together and that expressed the hope of working in unison in Europe where the Gospel has been falling apart.

“The world is currently panicking due to Coronavirus; therefore, I am evermore grateful that I can listen to this word. We have been included in the covenant through the sacrifice of Jesus and we are with God. Humanity is going through an important stage right now. Through the message preached in this meeting I was able to gain courage and also feel the joy that comes from the Gospel. I thank pastor Ock Soo Park who expressed the words of God and I also thank president of CLF Europe pastor Youngshin Oh for this meeting.” (Romania / Pastor Eougen Rugir – Pentecostal Church, President of Pentecostal Churches in Brasov and Pentecostal Theology School in Bucharest)

“Pastor Park’s sermon about Romans 3:23-24 touched me the most. The word that we have become righteous through the redemption of Christ was really nice and it really touched my hear.” (Romania / Pastor Viorel – Pentecostal Church)

CLF Online in Bulgaria

After the Online CLF finished in Romania, Bulgaria received the baton. The Online CLF in Bulgaria began with the acapella prepared by the short-term missionaries in Bulgaria. Pastor Wonshik Hong spoke about the amazing moments of the past CLF as he welcomed the local pastors of Bulgaria. Pastor Youngshin Oh of Germany said to the local pastors that we should organise an event not only in Albania or Kosovo but also in Bulgaria with the choir and Pastor Ock Soo Park. Pastor Oh explained about Jehovahjireh in Genesis 22 and spoke of how we must fight against liberal theology that claims that the Bible is not the word of God.

“I always was curious about what Philip preached to the Ethiopian Eunuch in the book of Acts. It says that he preached the Gospel referring to Isaiah 53 but I always wanted to know what he preached about in detail. But as I listened to the word of Pastor Park I was able to find the answer to my question. Although we are pastors, we often think that salvation is a debt that we have to constantly pay off. But salvation has already been accomplished by Jesus and we must simply give thanks with all our hearts and teach the members of our churches this. Tomorrow during Sunday worship, this is what I am going to preach about. God bless you all.” (Bulgaria / Pastor Kalin Chepilev – Leader of 35 branches of Church of Zion)

“The message of the guest speaker convinced me. The fact that he preached certainty about the Gospel was also very touching. There was an emphasis on the Gospel which I really enjoyed. Bulgaria needs the Gospel and needs to be born again. It is a country that needs Jesus. I will be waiting for Pastor Park and the Gracias Choir here in Bulgaria. I’d like to invite all of you who attended the conference here to Bulgaria. God bless you all. (Bulgaria / Pastor Tateos Nigohosiyan – The next leader of the Bulgarian Pentecostal Church)

“The true gospel is about believing the work that Jesus has done for us. As I saw many Christian leaders from around the world who attended the workshop and shared their fellowship I was greatly inspired. This conference was truly international. I’m truly grateful for this conference and the word that was preached. The fact that I was able to meet pastor Park again this year brought a lot of joy in my heart.” (Bulgaria / Pastor Stoniallen Goff United Church of God Future and Hope, President of National Alliance United Churches of God, Director of Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute)

“As pastor Ock Soo Park said we are people who have the new covenant. Only the gospel can bring peace to this earth. Just like how the gospel changed Europe 500 years ago I believe that Europe can once again become centre of the gospel. I received a lot of grace through this conference. And I thank you once again for allowing me to have such a time.” (Bulgaria / Pastor Rubo Petkov – Leader of Messianic Denomination, Leader of C3 Bulgaria)

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