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[Bulgaria] CLF in Eastern Europe

From the 15th of October in Plovdiv, Bulgaria there was a Christian Leaders Fellowship for Eastern Europe. 100 pastors from Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia were present to listen to the word.

The guest speaker Pastor Hongryul Ryu began the CLF by speaking about the tabernacle.

‘Prepare a tabernacle in each and every one of your hearts. Through this tabernacle you will meet the salvation of Jesus and the power of God and live a blessed life.’

On the second day, through Pastor Ryu, the participants listened about the history of our mission and by listening to this people were able to learn the heart of the servant of God and the heart of the church. In the middle of his sermon he would ask participants and make sure that the thought of having any goodness inside of them was wrong before the word. He followed that by preaching the Gospel and preaching that our sins have been perfectly cleansed, and we have been made perfectly righteous. As people heard this, they replied with Amen.

On the third day, Pastor Ryu preached about the life of saved Christians. Just like the word which states, ‘For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation,’ Pastor preached that people are most happy when they confess that they are righteous. We have received the grace to go to heaven eternally because Jesus has perfectly washed away our sins. Through this time the pastors were able to learn to confess their righteousness through the work that God has done for their lives.

On the fourth day Pastor Ryu spoke about how just like Jesus rode on the unclean donkey, we are happy because he has saved us and could walk the same path as him. Jesus told the woman caught in the act of adultery to go and sin no more. But if the woman was alone she would have not been able to stop herself from sinning, but Jesus became the saviour of the woman and washed away her sins and gave her the power to overcome the temptations of sin. Many pastors listened to the word and received salvation as they listened to the word.

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