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Mahanaim Bible Training Center

A place where one can learn the Bible systematically,
where one can learn to live in God, that is, Mahanaim Bible Training Center

  • Founding Story

Many numerous people believe Jesus and live spiritual lives today. Also, many are walking down the path of ministry. However, there are times when the wrongful fundamentals of spiritual life lead to difficulties in spiritual life. God will work powerfully in us when we clarify only a few things in living spiritual life. Thus, learning about those aspects of spiritual life systematically is extremely important. 
Mahanaim Bible Training Center is built on a system of lectures available in 9 languages for those around the world who wish to live an upright spiritual life to study theology through the internet. Studying theology is now possible, even in the remote parts of Africa or the areas near the Amazon river.

  • Education is for

The learning materials are provided with translations and dubs in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, and Korean to reach out to more than 70% of the world’s population to make producing preachers possible in African countries, American countries, European Countries, China, and India.

  • After commencement

The Mahanaim Cyber Theology reaches beyond denominations to teach biblical knowledge and life of faith. Those who graduate after 2 years of lectures can undergo an exam and a procedure to become an active minister of the Good News Mission anywhere in the world.

  • Curriculum

Intro to old and new testaments, systematic theology, gospel exposition, Genesis exposition, the tabernacle, book of John, book of Acts, Pauline epistles, book of Romans, book of Hebrews, biblical figures, special lectures, the history of the church, missions.


  • Attendance lectures

  • Scholarship provided

  • Field Trip – Pilgrimage to Israel

  • Opportunity to go on pastoral training

Education Ideology

The Mahanaim Bible Training Center aims to train Ministers with an “Orthodox Evangelicalism” base, which includes knowing the precise Gospel in the Bible through information and communication media for students around the world who have difficulties attending on-site lectures due to time and space constraints.

Education Goals

Truth: To help the laity in the world to realize the truth of the precise Gospel in the Bible.
Believer: Creates real life believers based on the theory and studies of theology
Leader: We are raising gospel leaders in the world through four major language online lectures.

Course of Study

Introduction to the Old & New Testaments, Systematic Theology, Gospel, Genesis, Tabernacle, John, Pauline Epistles, Romans, Hebrews, Introduction to Biblical Figures, Special Lectures, Church History, Missiology, Etc.

Our Mission
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