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Bible Webinar Series

2020 Bible Webinar Series

“Faith Comes by Hearing” Romans 10:17









The Pathfinder of Spiritual Life. Experiencing Spiritual Growth through Biblical Lectures.
The CLF Bible Webinars are dedicated to providing a path to a Christian Life that is both powerful and filled with light.

Stepping away from a life of constantly stumbling down the wrong alley, through the Biblical focus on spirituality, you will be able establish and live the spiritual life that you had always been seeking for.

Through a single verse in Romans 1:17, Martin Luther’s spiritual life completely turned on its head.

Understanding the Bible with one’s head is not enough; you must be able to establish that within your heart with faith in order for the Word’s power to be revealed.
These Webinars are designed not to concentrate on biblical theory or knowledge but on that very thing that can lead us to change and empowerment. Faith.

The Speakers are all servants of God in this generation who have been inspired by the Holy Spirit and have been delivering the heart of God that is contained within the Word.
We invite you to the CLF Bible Webinar Series.

I hope that you will take this as an opportunity to find rest and peace in your heart in the abundance of the Word.

  Faculty Introduction



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