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Date :  4th - 8th Oct, 2021
Venue:   Hotel SB Icària, Barcelona, Spain
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* Please make sure to check the schedule according to your current location timezone.


Dr. Rev. Youngshin Oh

  • President of Christian Leaders Fellowship Europe

  • President of Good News Mission Europe

  • Professor of Good News Theology School

The Christian Leaders Fellowship presents a clear direction for the Gospel in Europe, impervious to the current Christianity in Europe that is often entangled with the logic and morality of man. The descendants 
of Ephraim were armed yet ran away in the day of battle. On the other hand, we can see David who threw himself at Goliath without so much as a spear or sword. What we lack is not wisdom nor logic. We need the faith in God that pushes us to run ahead. It is time for us to stop looking to ourselves but rely on that God and take those steps of faith. 

Going back to the example of Goliath, David fought him in the open field. There was no place nor thing that could protect David. When God saw this, was he not compelled to help him? It is with this faith of David that we can have a connection to the heart of 

There are many gold instruments in the Holy Place, but with no light, no one can see it. Only when the light of the Golden Candlestick can the glory of God be revealed. It is time for us as Christian Leaders to come together like those seven different strands of the Candlestick and be one in glorifying God as we preach the precious message of the Gospel. 

We invite you to this glorious place in the name of the Lord who saved us.


Pastor Julio Pérez Giménez

  • Director of the Evangelical Council of Barcelona

  • Senior Pastor of the Federation of Betania Spain Churches

We, the Barcelona Evangelical Association fully support and are in complete agreement with the vision and purpose of the CLF Executive Conference. 
It is a great honour that we are able to host such an event in Barcelona and I believe that it is God who is bestowing this immense grace upon our city.


Pastor Ock Soo Park

  • Founded Good News Mission

  • Founded International Youth Fellowship

  • Founded Christian Leaders Fellowship

  • Founded Gracias Choir

  • Honorary Doctorate of Theology

  • Honorary Doctorate of Education

  • Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy

Pastor Ock Soo Park is receiving world-wide attention due to his accomplishments in the most difficult field of work the task of changing people’s hearts. From arenas and stadiums in South Korea, to venues such as the Madison Square Garden in New York, to Grand Bible Conferences in countries in Africa and South America and even to the small and remote islands of the Pacific, Pastor Park goes all across the globe solely to preach the gospel.


He has led many people who suffered from sin, a burdensome spiritual life, difficult circumstances due to their families or because of their jobs to receive the forgiveness of sins and to live a new, bright life. He wishes to tell everyone all he has ever done and everything he has ever accomplished has come from the power of God, which has been given to all of His servants when they preach the gospel. 

Pastor Park goes around the world and holds Bible Seminars to guide people to live a spiritual life of walking closely with God. He is leading multitudes to receive the forgiveness of sins and to live a joyful life.




The general session features Main Speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park, who delivers presentations that will lead your heart from work of man to work of God.

Highly respected Pastors representing different countries around Europe will deliver their speeches on the necessities of the European Christianity in the Post-Covid era. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the will and guidance of God for this generation. 

An opportunity to wrap up the day. This will be a time to increase the inspiration of 
God exponentially as participants discuss and debate about the teachings that they 
have received throughout the whole day. 

Christian Leaders will have the opportunity to introduce the activities of their church or speak about any feedback that they have while participating in the program. 
Hearing the direction of fellow Christian Leaders give the participants the opportunity to gain inspiration and learn how to try new things in their ministry.

The final day presents the participants with the opportunity to give their ideas and 
opinions about the theme of this Conference – the role and vision of the Christian 
Leader in the post-Covid era. It is the chance to re-affirm the will to co-operate with 
one another to preach the Gospel in the Continent. 

Experience the Spectacular Scenery of Barcelona


  • DATE: 4th (Mon) – 8th (Fri) October, 2021 (4 Nights, 5 Days)

  • VENUE: Hotel SB Icària  Av. d’Icària, 195, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

  • FEE: Early Bird Registration (End of June): 150 Euros
            From July: 250 Euros
           *Fee includes room and board and all programs for duration of conference
           * Both fees include breakfast and lunch but dinner is not provided.


  • HOST:

  • Sponsor


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